About Us


We are a group of Chinese language teachers, instructors, professors, researchers, administrators, and aspiring teachers in the K-16 settings and heritage language schools in the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In 2018, for the purpose of providing a platform for educators in this region for professional development and engagement, we established this association called Taoli Chinese Language Educators in the Mid-Atlantic (also known as Taoli-CLEMA). Educators in other regions and outside the United States are welcome to join us.


1. To serve Chinese language educators in K-16 in the Mid-Atlantic region, including but not limited to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania by providing a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas and information.

2. To enhance the quality of Chinese language education at all educational levels and across Chinese programs in different schools and institutes through collaboration, professional development, and research.

3. To provide Chinese language educators at all educational levels with opportunities for career advancement and leadership development in both language teaching and intercultural competence