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PENN-STARTALK Chinese Teacher Advancement Program at the University of Pennsylvania

Theme: China's Belt and Road Initiative


The Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network @Asia Society (CELIN) was established with a mission to support the growth

and sustainability of Chinese early language and immersion programs across the United States, to ensure that students have

opportunities to develop high-level multilingual and intercultural competency for advanced study and work in an interconnected

world, and that teachers and programs have the expertise and resources to help students achieve this goal. See its mission, activities,

Seals of Biliteracy

By Linda Egnatz

(October 2020 Webinar)

TAOLI Webinar: Seal and The Global Seal of Biliteracy Oct 17, 2020

Seals of Biliteracy - Video Presentation

Linda Egnatz-Seals of Biliteracy Presentation(10_2020).pdf

Seals of Biliteracy Presentation (Linda Egnatz)

Proficiency Levels.Xingyi Wu.101720.docx

Proficiency Level (Xinyi Wu)